What is a Corporate Podcast?

Connect, Inform, Engage

Corporate Podcasts are internal podcasts that make it easy to communicate with everyone in your company and share information. Quick access to personalized apps, and effortless internal communication. Corporate podcasts and internal radio are interactive platforms to engage with co-workers - interviews with seniors, milestones, achievements, music without commercial breaks, song requests, dedications. Such podcasts ease institutional hierarchy and create close-knit work environments.

Why Podcasts?

One Team, One Message

Podcasts add a much needed personal touch to internal company messaging. They bridge the gap between senior leadership and teams working across the country, or even the world. Interviews and conversations on internal company podcasts ensure consistent, authentic communication and help create a unified work culture that is inspired to work towards the same goals.

How podcasts is going to change the future

Let's look at podcasts as a business model. Podcasts are growing in popularity because they provide multiple advantages. The top five are:

  • High shelf life for content, with the ability to archive on topics, versions, target groups, and many other parameters It is a great medium for storytelling.
  • The most important - convenience. Podcasts allow us to listen while we are doing other stuff.
  • We can access them on almost any device - your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet.
  • Producing a podcast is very easy (and has paved the way for the podcast explosion).
  • Podcasts are also growing in revenue. Their ad revenue is likely to rise from an estimated $480 million in spend last year to $680 million this year! Over the last four years, ad revenue has scaled at a 65% CAGR, and this growth is expected to continue.

In fact, podcasts are expected to become one of the most preferred mediums for both internal & external communication, marketing, brand building, entertainment, information, learning & development and so on.

How podcasts is going to change the future

Corporate podcast support diverse use cases

Your Words, Your Voice, Company Wide
Corporate podcast support diverse use cases-Recording Microphone
Corporate podcast support diverse use cases-Recording Microphone Small
Corporate podcast support diverse use cases-Keyboard
Corporate podcast support diverse use cases-Headphone

Showcase your company culture and bridge the communication gap between your employees and executive leadership.

Corporate communication solutions help organizations by removing obstacles and taking the information right to the individuals.

Train your workforce in the quickest manner, and with great flexibility: for instance, they can get access to experts from around the world who will address their specific scenarios.

Employee induction solutions make the communication between recruits and organizations interactive and mutually beneficial, adding value to your employee induction services.

Employer branding create radio streams and podcasts that establish a professionally curated 360-degree perspective of your company that sends out a positive message.

Event-specific radio content and event promotion solutions that improved registrations and awareness for events by organizations.

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